Saturday, January 16, 2010

30 Top Japanese Universities

1University of Tokyo
2Kyoto University
3Osaka University
4Tokyo Institute of Technology
5Tohoku University
6Keio University
7Kyushu University
8Nagoya University
9Hokkaido University
10Tsukuba University
11Kobe University
12Chiba University
13Waseda University
14Hiroshima University
15Kanazawa University
16Okayama University
17Tokyo University of Science
18Tokyo Metropolitan University
19Tokyo Medical and Dental University
20Osaka City University
21Niigata University
22Kumamoto University
23Tokushima University
24Osaka Prefectural University
25Gifu University
26Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
27Yokohama National University
28Yamaguchi University
29Nagoya City University
30Kagoshima University


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