Saturday, July 4, 2009

National Defence University(Federal)

The President of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the NDU. The management of the NDU is vested in a three Star General from the Pakistan Army, who is called the President of the University. He is also the head of the faculty. The University is organized into four Constituent Colleges / Institutes:-

  • National Security College,
  • Armed Forces War College,
  • Institute of Strategic Studies; Research and Analysis (ISSRA)
  • Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS)

There will be three affiliated colleges:-

  • Command and Staff College Quetta
  • Naval War College Lahore
  • Air War College Karachi

The National Security College, the Armed Forces War College and the Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS) are the instructional Colleges/Faculty for conducting various courses / studies in security and defence studies, whereas the ISSRA acts as a think-tank apart from conducting the National Security Workshops, Capstone Courses and symposia / seminars.

The Headquarters/Administrative Wing provides administrative and technical support to the University.

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