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Universiti kebangsaan

Vision and MissionVision
UKM is committed to be a leading university that pioneers innovation in the construction of knowledge to achieve the aspiration of producing a society imbued with dynamic, learned and civic leadership.
UKM is the National University that safeguards the sovereignty of the Malay language while globalizing knowledge in the context of local culture.
A combination of faith in Allah and beneficial knowledge and of theory and practice as the basis for the advancement of knowledge, the education of society and the development of the University.
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On behalf of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), I cordially welcome you to our website, where you can learn about the world of opportunity available at our university. We are proud to be an institution whose top priorities are high-quality education, world-class research, and deeply committed service.

As one of Korea's top universities dedicated to science and engineering, POSTECH offers four-year programs in 10 departments and POSTECH's Graduate School offers programs in 14 departments. Students here are instructed by some of the finest professors and scholars in the world. POSTECH also provides some of the best research facilities and learning resources available on the beautifully l…

Universiti putra

The inspirational motto, 'With Knowledge We Serve', reflects the full commitment of the University to contribute towards the discovery of knowledge and the exploration of human endeavor as well as the creation of wealth and nation building.

From its humble beginnings in 1971, UPM has continued to develop and has become one of the distinguished universities in the region. Commencing as an agricultural-based university, UPM has expanded its frontiers in various disciplines such as engineering, medical sciences, pure sciences, economics, management, education, languages, communication and other fields. These fields have synergized and complemented the university's focal area, namely, agro-bio, which encompasses related areas of agriculture and science. Indeed, the field of tropical agriculture has gained the most prominence. Today, the university has gained international reputation among international students and scholars from fifty nine different nations and has become an ac…

Kyung hee university

Dr. Inwon Choue,
the 13th President of Kyung Hee University

Dr. Inwon Choue, the 13th President of Kyung Hee University, is a political scientist who has pioneered the study of what he calls the "Esthetic Space in Life and Politics." He has sought after social discourse to find the ways to realize the esthetic space. He wishes to reconstitute the " Real Politik " through creative union of reason and emotions, humans and institution, the reality and the romance. The future society he envisages is centered on humans and to be achieved through discourses on "transcendental engagement." He seeks to transcend today's real politics where ideological confrontations and struggles prevail. Throughout his works, he believes that we must rediscover the transformative episteme for the betterment of human life.

He has published his views and arguments through a number of b…

Aga Khan University(Sindh)

Chartered in 1983, Aga Khan University is a private, autonomous university that promotes human welfare through research, teaching and community service. Based on the principles of quality, access, impact and relevance, the University has campuses and programmes in Afghanistan, East Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria and the United Kingdom. Its facilities include teaching hospitals, Nursing Schools and a Medical College, Institutes for Educational Development, an Examination Board and an Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations. It occupies a pivotal place within Aga Khan Development Network. AKU brings international expertise to bear upon the establishment and enhancement of its current and future programmes and services through ongoing partnerships with prestigious overseas institutions. Additionally, in line with its commitment to the advancement of the status and professional opportunities for women, the University seeks similar collaborations to strengthen women-oriented pro…

Baqai Medical University(Sindh)

he Baqais( Dr.Fareed Uddin Baqai and Dr.Zahida Baqai) both medical practitioners and surgeons by profession, after completing their medical education in Pakistan and Great Britain, started practicing the art of healing in an underdeveloped country and in a fast growing city of Karachi, the then capital of Pakistan. The enormity and …

Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education(Sindh)

DIHE is devoted to discovering, disseminating and applying knowledge for the advancement of the Pakistani Society in perspective of global changes. The DIHE identifies and attracts undergraduate and graduate students of high potential, especially those who have been historically under-represented because of limited financial resources. Through commitment to excellence in teaching and educational services, DIHE prepares students for lifelong learning and for constructive participation in the community.

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Dawood College of Engineering & Technology(Sindh)

Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, Karachi is a Federal Degree Awarding Institution. Its administrative control has been vested in the Senate, Syndicate and Academic Council of the College responsible for the governance of the College. The College having met the requirements of Higher Education Commission, has been awarded a degree awarding status by the Government of Pakistan, with effect from 31-10-2007 through an Ordinance No. LXIII of 2007 promulgated by the President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf.The foundation stone of the college was laid by President of Pakistan (Late) Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan in 1962. The institution was established by Dawood Foundation as Dawood College of Engineering and Technology. The Dawood College houses purpose built two campuses of five acre land each. The institution was established to provide top quality enginerring education to students from every walk of life regardless of thier sex and ethinical background and the instit…

Dow University of Health Sciences(Sindh)

introduction Dow University of Health Sciences has introduced teaching and learning methodology which facilitates students to become skilled life long learners. Dow University of Health Sciences strives for its students to develop better communication skills to communicate with their patients and prepare its students for a meritorious professional career.official website

Greenwich University(Sindh)

Greenwich University, established under an Act of Sindh Government, is duly recognized by the Higher Education Commission as an autonomous degree-awarding university. Greenwich, as a seat of learning, is known for its academic excellence, and recognized, across the world, as one of the leading institutions of higher education in Pakistan. Greenwich University is also legally empowered to offer its degree program overseas, and to grant affiliation to other institutions.

Educational experience that takes the students beyond their classroom learning's. We consider education a life-long endeavor, and therefore, constantly develop our programs to provide our students with professional skills and knowledge to take their place as leaders in the world of business, commerce, or any other professions they may choose to pursue.

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Hamdard University(Sindh)

haheed Hakim Mohammed Said
Founder Chancellor
“It has been my endeavor to prepare Pakistani youth for the challenges of tomorrow. I would like to see the youth studying at our campuses to develop the qualities of devotion, love, determination and services to mankind.”
Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said (1920-1998) established Hamdard Pakistan in 1948. Within few years, the herbal medical products of Hamdard became household names. The phenomenal business success of Hamdard brands is a legendary part of the business history of Pakistan.

The name Hamdard however acquired a still wider meaning, when Hakim Mohammed Said founded Hamdard University in 1991. The establishment of a university which could enliven the intellectual tradition of the educational institutions of the golden era of Muslim civilization had always been his most cherished dream. In fact it was the central point towards which all his endeavors were directed. The actual appearance of the university was just the culmination of a lon…

Indus Institute of Higher Education(Sindh)

ABOUT INDUS INSTITUTEINDUS INSTITUTE at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi is spread over acres of land at near National Stadium Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi. The planning of any educational complex is a planning of a micro urban community.
Hence apt consideration is necessary in planning of departments, cultural and patterns, communication and transportation facilities, safety and the security and last but not the least, the scope for the expansion of the facilities if a clean environment.
The diversity of educational background and individual differences of students create a busy stimulating and lively environment at the campus.

The campus offers air-conditioned lecture rooms, well-equipped computers labs, a library and research center in addition to the facilities of a cafeteria, indoor games. The main Campus is located near National Stadium easily accessible. Numerous bus routes are also available to access the campus.
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Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture(Sindh)

The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) was founded in 1989 by a group of professional architects, designers and artists who believed that Karachi was in critical need of a school of excellence encompassing the disciplines of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture. The School is registered as a not-for-profit, non-commercial institution and is managed by an Executive Committee through the Executive Director, under the control of an independent Board of Governors that includes distinguished educationists, artists, architects, industrialists, bankers and media persons, in addition to three members nominated by the Government of Sindh. The Governor of Sindh is the Patron of the School. The IVS was granted an independent charter by the Government of Sindh in June 1994, thereby empowering it to award its own degrees. It was the fourth private institution of higher learning in Pakistan to be given degree awarding status. Admission to the School is strictly based on merit as…

Institute of Business & Technology BIZTEK(Sindh)

Our aspirations for excellence met many adversaries on its way. The journey that we started with a single step has covered a long distance in a short span of time. We accelerated our momentum without any compromise on quality edification standards and knowledge dissemination process. We have developed a distinctive academic culture, uncommon in other private institutes of higher learning. This was only possible because of our firm belief in Allah Almighty and unshakable confidence in our noble cause for educating the nation, which helped us to overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles amicably. On our way to perfection, we have been rewarded with many admirations like placement in top most category by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, degree awarding status by Government of Sindh and ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

The eminence and performance are judged based on international parameters. The admirably stocked library with online facilities have unlimited access worldw…

Institute of Business Administration(Sindh)

IBA is the oldest business school outside North America. It was established in 1955 with initial technical support provided by the world famous Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania; later, the University of Southern California set up various facilities at the Institute and several prominent American professors were assigned to the IBA. The course contents, the curriculum, the pedagogical tools and the assessment and testing methods were developed under the guidance of reputed scholars from these two institutions. IBA has jealously guarded the high standards and academic traditions it had inherited from Wharton and USC while adapting and adjusting them with the passage of time. A large number of Pakistani faculty members received advanced degrees from Wharton and the University of Southern California.
Till 1994, the University of Karachi awarded degrees to the graduates. In that year the Sindh Assembly elevated the Institute's status to that of a degree-awarding in…

Institute of Business Management(Sindh)

Vision Statement The Mission of IoBM is to foster a learning environment, where students are motivated to make learning an on-going life-long process. We see ourselves as a multi- dimensional educational institution. Our aim is to prepare students to excel academically as well as in management skills. Students learn to function ethically, and take effective decisions in business and other endeavors of life. This Institute intends to allow freedom of thought and expression, encourage faculty and students to be independent and creative thinkers. We believe in pursuing leading-edge research. We are catalysts engaged in the development of innovative ideas, analytical, inter-personal and leadership skills. Our faculty is committed to using the best teaching and training methodologies. We are also committed to our stakeholders who include parents, the business community and professional organizations to …

Iqra University(Sindh)

Welcome to IQRA University
We are what we consistently do; excellence,therefore, is not an act but a habit. (Aristotle)
For a developing country, like Pakistan, a demand oriented workforce afire with professional excellence can bring about a knowledge revolution. Welcome to revolution in education - IQRA University. The IQRA University is chartered by the Government of Sindh vide Sindh Government Ordinance No.VI of 2000 having Campuses in all the 4 Provinces and is having collaboration with foreign universities. We offer a diverse range of graduate and post-graduate courses as well as PhD progra…

Isra University(Sindh)

This is aprivately owned University, which isadministered by a team of highly qualified andcommitted professionals. It is situated in the historical city of Hyderabad. The University with an easily accessible and beautiful campus provides services that create an academic environment of learning and intellectual growth.

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Jinnah University for Women(Sindh)

About JUW The founder of Anjuman-e-Islamia Trust, late Alhaj Rayazuddin Ahmed had been actively engaged in promotion of education since 1942. In this connection he established seventeen different educational institutions in Karachi including schools, colleges, polytechnics and libraries. He was particularly concerned about the education of young girls in Pakistan.
Jinnah University for Women was established in 1998 through an act passed by Provincial Assembly of Sindh and is recognized by Higher Education Comission(HEC). It is the first women's university in Pakistan and imparts quality educations in diverse fields upto the Masters level to young women in a stress free enviroment. The university has also started its Ph.D programme.The university is spread over an area of 5 a…

Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology(Sindh)

Objective:The objective of Corporate Relations Department is to establish and maintain contacts with the decision makers in the corporate world. This effort would provide guidance to the institute towards offering job-oriented programs and contributing to the development of the industry and economy. Functions of Corporate Department: ·Internship of the Students:Internship program offers students a real life experience of a professional industry environment. Internship are an integral part of the academic curriculum and provide exposure of the working environment of local and multinational organizations during studies. Internship provide opportunities to establish professional relationship in the industry that later help the students in promptly getting jobs on graduation. To meet the high expectations of the industry regarding English proficiency of the interns, passing of English proficiency test is necessary to become eligible for internship placement. ·Guest speaker sessions: Corpora…

KASB (Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari) Institute of Technology(Sindh)

KASBIT Private Limited which is the parent body of KASBIT, was established in September 1999, through Registration with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan. It is the first Private Sector Institute of Higher Education which is registered as a Corporate body. Since its inception the institute has achieved many a mile-stones advocating standard, excellence and quality recognition.

The institute was given ISO-9001 Certification in January - 2002, in recognition of its high quality control system. By this virtue the institute became the first ISO-9001 Certified Degree Awarding Institute in the private sector in Pakistan. Since its inception, the management of the institute is highly conscious of attaining high standard and recognition amongst its peers through performance based achievements. With this in view the institute had applied for Charter in the year 2001 which was granted by the Government of Sindh vide Ordinance No. XXII of 2001.


Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences(Sindh)

Located in the province of Sindh on the right bank of river Indus at Jamshoro. It is 160 km north from the port city of Karachi and 16 km from the historical city of Hyderabad. MILESTONESStarted as a Medical School in 1881.Raised to the status of a Medical College in 1942.Named as Liaquat Medical College in 1951.Foundation Stone of Jamshoro Campus laid down in 1954.Shifting to Jamshoro Campus completed in 1963.Beginning of Postgraduate Courses in 1963.Dental Section & BDS Course added in 1963.Atomic Energy Medical Center established in 1965.Eye Hospital at Hyderabad started functioning in 1967.Sir C. J. Institute of Psychiatry Hyderabad established in 1967.New indoor building complex constructed at LMCH Hyderabad in 1972.Regional Office of PMRC established in 1980.Dewan Mushtaque Coronary Care Unit established at Hyderabad in 1982.Establishment of Cancer Ward at Jamshoro in 1988.Raised to the status of Postgraduate Institute in 1…

Mehran University of Eng. & Technology(Sindh)

Industrial and technological development in Pakistan has been quite rapid since its independence and particularly during the sixties and seventies. The main fields of development have been related to the enhancement of agriculture, establishment of and up-gradation of industries and exploration of its indigenous resources. This development has resulted in increased demand for qualified engineers in different fields in addition to other professionals. In order to meet this demand and to provide an opportunity of engineering education to the people hailing from the interior of Sindh Province, Sindh University Engineering College was established in 1963 as a constituent college of University o…

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University(Sindh)

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University was established in 1998 after the grant of a charter by the Government of Sindh, which was promulgated in the year 2000. The University, unlike other institutions which have a degree awarding status only, enjoys the privileged status of a comprehensive university. The intention in naming the University after Qaid-e-Azam was to emulate his vision of providing quality education to the youth of the nation. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University's prestigious and spacious Karachi Campus has acquired an enviable reputation for its facilities and the quality of education offered. It has an excellent record of success in a wide range of academic and professional training courses.The programs at MAJU are tailored to meet the real needs of today’s economy and employment atmosphere. The curriculum is constantly updated to remain in line with the demands of current technology and new developments. The University also conducts training sess…

NED University of Engineering & Technology(Sindh)

The NED University of Engineering and technology is the oldest institution now in Pakistan for teaching and turning out Graduate Engineers; it is in the Public Sector – i.e. Government owned – having begun initially as an Engineering College in 1922 established by subscriptions from private donors. The University retains the initials in honour of the principal donor for that College – Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw in its name! Like other such Government owned institutions in developing countries, it has had over the years to overcome various handicaps ranging from shortage of funds to “brain drain” of Faculty Members as well as students. Nevertheless, because of its transparent admission policy which has established its r…

Newports Institute of Communications and Economics(Sindh)

AN OPPORTUNITY CENTER FOR BUSINESS LEARNING AND GROWTH NICE strongly emphasizes on the need of professionally trained and experienced faculty members so that their valuable knowledge and experience can be shared and transferred to the future business leadership. It is in this context that NICE maintains a panel of highly qualified faculty members, most of them holding a Ph.D. degree from local and foreign universities.The academic infrastructure of NICE revolves around the fact that teaching/learning is a mutual responsibility of the students and educators, whose productive outcome will be shared by all the individuals involved in the learning process. In this regard, NICE’s academic programs are comprehensive and modern in concept and structure. The institute provides opportunity for and to stimulate enhancement in intellectual and social growth of the students. Towards this end, NICE offers such innovative programs in the fields of bu…

Pakistan Naval Academy( Sindh)

PNS IQBAL is the headquarter of commander SSG(N). The commander SSG(N) is placed under the command of Commander Coastal areas. SSG(N) comprised of three sub commands. • CO PNS IQBAL
• CO VBSSPNS IQBAL houses HQ SSG(N) and is the logistic support to HQs SSG (N), SEAL and VBSS segments in their bases and field areas. The maintenance of all sea transport, VBSS boats are provide …

Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology(Sindh)

Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology (PIMSAT), Karachi was established to foster academic excellence. PIMSAT is seriously committed to improve the quality of technical and business education in Pakistan.PIMSAT is managed by group of dedicated professionals and academicians who have committed their lives to the cause of higher education in Pakistan. Since its inception, PIMSAT has imparted knowledge and skills to numerous individuals through many teaching programs. The experience at this institution has played an important role in the professional and personal development of our student. PIMSAT will continue to fulfill its responsibilities to the society by creating and providing facilities for personal and professional growth of individuals who wish to make a career in the fields of business, science and technology. The program strategy of PIMSAT is to provide higher education opportunities of the highest quality at a reasonable and affordable cost.official website