Saturday, August 1, 2009

Newports Institute of Communications and Economics(Sindh)


NICE strongly emphasizes on the need of professionally trained and experienced faculty members so that their valuable knowledge and experience can be shared and transferred to the future business leadership. It is in this context that NICE maintains a panel of highly qualified faculty members, most of them holding a Ph.D. degree from local and foreign universities.

The academic infrastructure of NICE revolves around the fact that teaching/learning is a mutual responsibility of the students and educators, whose productive outcome will be shared by all the individuals involved in the learning process. In this regard, NICE’s academic programs are comprehensive and modern in concept and structure. The institute provides opportunity for and to stimulate enhancement in intellectual and social growth of the students. Towards this end, NICE offers such innovative programs in the fields of business education that successfully fulfils the needs of a global business environment. The Institute also offers merit scholarships to its outstanding students so that every member of our society should have an equal opportunity to excel in his areas of interests.

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