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Chiba University was founded about 130 years ago, taking its forerunner into account; and from its foundation, great efforts have been made to improve the university’s research and standing. The university charter says, “Always Aim Higher”, and it is our goal to continue the high standard of achievement set with its inception in the Meiji era.

After the incorporation of national universities in 2004, we obtained a freedom which we had never had. Yet, this has presented us with a new set of obstacles and challenges to overcome. Faced with a wide range of difficulties starting with matters of management, we will make drastic reforms to overcome these issues. Our reforms here at Chiba University will be guided by the debate about “What is the problem?”, “What is the objective?”, “What should we do?” and “How will we evaluate the results?” This will be achieved in corporation with everyone involved with the school from the students, to the educational and administrative staff.

Chiba University should produce students who learn independently and can use their talents to contribute to society, and produce research results, which benefit human beings throughout the world. So we will continue to move forward by creating new organizations to strengthen the management to achieve it, and creating a satisfactory educational environment so that our academic activities and achievements can flourish.

It is very important to understand the evolution of changes in history to accurately understand the present situation and thus enhance the further development of Chiba University I hope that you find this booklet useful as we continue on our journey to aim higher.

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