Bahria University(Federal)


Pakistan Navy with its inherent flair for disciplined training and over 30 years of experience in the field of education had a vision to help build an educated and prosperous PAKISTAN in the 21st century. The vision was to consolidate all its efforts to create an education system that would be capable of providing state of the art facilities for quality education to the population of Pakistan with out any prejudice of class, creed, color or domicile.

This vision became a reality on 7 Feb 2000, when BAHRIA UNIVERSITY was established through the Presidential Ordinance No. V of 2000.

BAHRIA UNIVERSITY today is a multi-campus university with its headquarters at Islamabad. The constituent units of the university are spread at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. These include the Pakistan Naval Academy Karachi, PN War College Lahore, Bahria Institutes of Management and Computer Sciences at Karachi and Islamabad, the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Islamabad, the Institute of Professional Psychology at PNS SHIFA Karachi and Bahria Colleges at Karachi and Islamabad.

The University is planned to run on self-financing basis without depending heavily on the Government funds. Through its' own resources, and with the generous support of the Navy, two new campuses for management and computer sciences have been constructed at Islamabad and Karachi. These beautiful buildings are custom built with state of the art facilities, high tech computer/electronic laboratories and well stocked libraries with free internet access. The faculties of Earth & Environment Sciences and Economics are also established within the premises of these two institutes at Islamabad and Karachi respectively. The institute of Professional Psychology is located in a renovated premises at PNS Shifa Karachi, well suited to the needs of modern teaching facilities in Psychology. A disciplined and peaceful academic environment is maintained at these campuses to facilitate learning and timely completion of degree programs.

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