Dublin International Foundation College

About DIFC College:

Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC) was set up in Dublin, Ireland in 1999 to run specialised English Foundation courses to prepare International students for entry into partner universities in Ireland and the UK. Both undergraduate and postgraduate level courses are taught and students are placed in the course of their choice in Higher Education in Ireland or the UK.

Due to our excellent reputation for running quality foundation courses, NCUK have appointed DIFC as its exclusive delivery centre in Ireland for NCUK courses – International Foundation Year (IFY) and Pre-Masters Programme (PMP) commencing January 2005.

About NCUK:
Students from many countries outside Ireland and the UK need to complete a 'bridging course' before they can enter leading universities in the UK or elsewhere. Other students wish to undertake part of their international degree course in their home country. The Northern Consortium (NCUK) is an education organisation created in 1987 by eleven UK universities to help such students. This remains NCUK’s main objective today.

Successful completion of NCUK courses guarantees students a place on a degree course in their chosen subject of study. NCUK’s ability to guarantee student placements stems from the academic credibility of our programmes and the robust quality assurance procedures which are under the direct scrutiny of our eleven founding university partners. Since our formation we have helped prepare more than 9,000 international students for degree studies in the UK by providing bridging courses of the highest academic quality. Many NCUK graduates have obtained outstanding degree results, and are proof of the rigorous academic standards upon which we have built our reputation.

Originally, NCUK courses prepared students for study in one of its 11 founding university partners. However, as the recognition of the courses and the student numbers on the programmes grows, NCUK is developing partnerships with other UK universities as well as universities in Australia and the Republic of Ireland. This allows NCUK to meet the education needs of a very wide range of international students.

NCUK works in association with education institutions to run our courses. These are our course delivery partners. We currently run courses in China and Kenya and will launch new programmes in the UK and the Republic of Ireland later this year. NCUK is committed to developing new foundation courses and other programmes in a rapidly expanding number of countries world-wide.

NCUK offers two pre-university programmes: a pre-undergraduate course and a pre-postgraduate programme.

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