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Academic eChristian Collegexcellence and the preparation of leaders who understand the value of service have been the hallmarks of education at Forman Christian College since 1864.Widely regarded as one of the premier colleges on the sub-continent, Forman has distinguished itself through its remarkable graduates and the achievements of its faculty. Forman has built a reputation for providing outstanding education with innovation and pioneering work in its curriculum, admissions policies, and the rigor of its academic programs.

Forman's green campus in the heart of the city of Lahore offers a safe, quiet environment for students at all levels. With its renovation projects and new buildings, students are benefiting from the latest technology as it is incorporated into the curriculum and spacious, modern classrooms in which to study. The new Business and Social Science Building will be available in fall, 2007 and a new Science building will be ready in 2008. Both will provide state of the art technology and increased office space for faculty and classroom space for students.

Forman's new bachelor's program offers a western-style, world-class education to Pakistanis at tuitions that are affordable. Its generous financial aid program and scholarships for promising students make high quality education readily accessible.

Forman's faculty takes a personal interest in students and has a deep desire to see students succeed. Overseas faculty teach in the intermediate and baccalaureate programs and offer an international perspective available at few colleges or universities in Pakistan.

We invite you to explore all Forman has to offer through this website. Even better, we hope you will visit us on campus so that you can see for yourself the unique advantages students have at Forman Christian College.


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