Government College University Faisalabad(Punjab)

About Government College University Faisalabad

The Journey of GC University Faisalabad started in 1897 as a Municipal Middle School. it was housed in the building of the present Govt. College for Women Karkhana Bazar, Faisalabad, and was upgraded to High School in September 1905. In 1916, the provincial government took over the management of this institution and moved it to the present building. It became Intermediate College in 1924 and Degree College in October 1933 and a Postgraduate College in 1963.

The college had a great history of excellence. It produced renowned scholars and professionals and attracted distinguished professors to its ranks. The General (Rtd) Khalid Maqbool, Ex. Governor of the Punjab, Dr M. Yaqoob, Ex. Governor of State Bank of Pakistan, renowned scientist Dr. Ishfaq Ahmed, Dr. Habib Ullah Jamal, Vice Chancellor University of Engineering and Technology Texila, Air Marshal (Rtd.) Chhabra of Indian Air Force and renowned poet Noon Meem Rashid are some of the Leading figures it has produced.

The GC University Faisalabad has emerged as a leading centre of quality education and research in a short span of time. The University has developed strong linkage with all the segments of society. It caters to the needs of the industry and market. The University has also become a hub of Social and cultural activities. The focus of the university is to produce competent professionals equipped with all the communication and managerial skills to lead the market and industry. The university inculcates critical and creative spirit among its students.

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