National Textile University, Faisalabad (Federal Chartered)(Punjab)

The University

National Textile University (NTU) is the premier educational institute imparting training and higher education for almost half a century. The University has been ranked by Higher Education Commission among the top Universities of the country. The graduates of the University have always been the most sought-after by the largest industrial sector of Pakistan, multi-nationals, international buying houses, government agencies as well as the academic and the research institutes.

The mission of the University is to provide the educational experience and intellectual environment by which students and faculty contribute to the society and their profession, the research and innovation. The University offers comprehensive industry-responsive, broad-based curricula in Textile Engineering, Textile & Apparel Design, Polymer Science and Business Administration, which emphasize creativity, originality, critical thinking, practical problem solving, communication and computing skills to prepare students for entry into their profession a life-long learning to function as productive and ethical professionals in the global economy.

The University provides students-centered educational programs practiced by a respect for the student’s individual needs, with an open environment that encourages innovation and critical thinking, a strong focus on real world examples, the applications of engineering, technology and business management knowledge. The University highly encourages interaction between the faculty and the students through extracurricular activities, research experiences and also promotes the cooperative educational programs and industry internships. The University is committed to educating the students intellectually rather than merely performing job training and hence emphasizes on team work, social and professional skills in addition to technical skills promoting professionalism, integrity and involvement in the society by words and by examples.

The vision of the University is to provide education that is not only of the highest quality and the best in the country but also equally meets the international standards. For that, the University is continuously seeking to improve opportunities and resources for its scholarly and research activities.

Brief History

The foundation stone of Institute of Textile Technology (now, National Textile University) was laid down on the 12th of October in 1959 by field Marshall Muhammad Ayub Khan, the then President of Pakistan.

  • In 1965, the institute was granted affiliation by the University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, and it was renamed as “National College of Textile Engineering (NCTE)”.

  • In 1973 the administrative control of the College was transferred to Federal Government.

  • In 1983, a Presidential Order was passed to run the college affairs more smoothly through a Board of Governors. The Board consisted of Federal Minister of Industries as Chairman, seven members from Federal/Provincial Governments and three members from All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA).

  • In 1993, the management of the college was transferred to APTMA and the government reconstituted the Board of Governors taking seven members out of eleven from APTMA.

  • On November 15th 2002, the college was upgraded as ‘National Textile University’ by the Federal Cabinet, with President of Pakistan as the Chancellor of the University.

University Campus

The University campus includes the Administrative Section, Academic Blocks, Laboratories, Computer Center, Library Block, Auditorium, Air Conditioning Plant, Faculty & Staff Offices, Teaching Departments, Testing Lab, Mosque, Play Grounds, Student’s Hostels and Faculty & Staff Residences.


Auditorium occupies place on the left wing of the academic block. It has a seating capacity of 250 and is a venue for conferences, seminars, debates, declamation contests and other functions.


The National Textile University Library is providing excellent knowledge resources, services and facilities to fulfill the teaching and research needs of its faculty members, students, staff and a large number of textile community in Pakistan. The library acquires a variety of resources regularly in print, audiovisual and electronic formats to support study and research activities in the University. It has a covered area of 6000 square feet with the seating capacity of 120 persons at a time.

Sports Facilities

Facilities and ample spaces are available for outdoor games; volleyball, basketball, hockey, football and cricket. Facilities for different indoor games; badminton courts, exercise room and table tennis are also available for University students. A well equipped gymnasium is also provided for physical grooming of the students.


The University provides pick and drop services to the students and staff from the campus to the different areas of the city according to the approved routes.

Health Care

A clinic supervised by a devoted medical officer has been setup on the campus to provide health care facilities to students, employees & their dependent family members.

Student Accommodation

The University is a residential institution and has facilities to accommodate majority of the students on the campus. There are three hostels for boys and an independent hostel for girls to accommodate about 350 students. The hostels are modestly equipped with furniture and all basic facilities of life

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