National University of Science and Technology(Federal)

Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals


The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) aims to emerge as a comprehensive, residential institution responsive to technological change, dedicated to excellence, and committed to international educational perspective. A pioneer in delivering technical, educational and research needs of the country, NUST will continue to champion a tradition of distinguished teaching, research and service through evolving undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes of study in various engineering disciplines and other sciences, in collaboration with renowned universities and research institutes inside the country and abroad. Besides traditional fields in engineering, IT, medical and management sciences, NUST envisages to explore and start higher education in the emerging engineering, sciences and technology disciplines.

Excellence in teaching will remain a hallmark of a faculty that is also dedicated to research, scholarship, and service. In recognition of its place in the human society, the university will celebrate a faculty, staff, and student body which will reflect the diversity of our nation. Ultimately, the university is entrusted with the responsibility of graduating culturally enlightened, technologically knowledgeable, academically competent, moderate in outlook, and research oriented productive citizens who are prepared to lead, to inspire, and to preserve the traditions of our great civilization. The university commits itself and all its resources to this trust and responsibility.


The National University of Sciences and Technology with its progressive and innovative outlook, striving to be a modern multi-disciplinary center of excellence for research and development, will continue to offer quality yet accessible undergraduate, master and doctoral level education in order to meet the industrial, defence and national needs. Students, selected on merit without discrimination, will learn the methods and outcomes of disciplined inquiry in various engineering, medical, IT, management, and other sciences, guided by a faculty, known for its commitment to creation, innovation, and application of knowledge. The university community will strive to create challenging educational and cultural environments for students to refine their ability to reason and to communicate freely and clearly so as to become responsible, morally equipped, moderate and well rounded citizens of a diverse world.

Strategic Goals:

  • To develop into a Centre of Excellence for advanced scientific and technological education and research at a number of satellite centers, serving major stakeholders.

  • To introduce state-of-the-art technologies in our academic programmes and go beyond the traditional education through inculcating the spirit of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, for the promotion of a qualitative leap in our industrial capability, correlating national sector needs.

  • To emerge as a leader in Higher Education and Research, tailored to our own needs.

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