University of Health Sciences(Punjab)

About UHS

University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is a vibrant, internationally recognized student – centered research university with 50 colleges and institutes affiliated and about 19,000 undergraduate and 1800 postgraduate students registered.

UHS is focused on delivering high-quality instruction in basic medical sciences, revitalizing the neglected fields of nursing and other allied health sciences, pioneering courses in biomedical engineering, medical education, bio-informatics, genetics and behavioral sciences, and fostering significant on-campus and off-campus research activities.

UHS campus was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan – who is also its patron – on October 02, 2002. Its building has a commanding domed elevation and it houses spacious class rooms, high-tech labs, dining halls, staff offices, senate hall, library and 500-seater Shams Auditorium, which collectively create a perfect academic ambience.

Vision & Mission

“Qualitative and Quantitative Revolution in Medical Education and Research through Evolution and thereby improve Health Care delivery to Populace”.

UHS shall be innovative global centre of excellence in learning and research, supporting a community of scholars and professionals committed to serving society, promoting the development of students to reach their true potential in becoming competent, ethical, caring and inquiring health professionals for the benefit of the country and the wider world.

Why U.H.S

University of Health Sciences is the only institution offering specialization in medical, dental, nursing, biomedical engineering and paramedic education in the province of Punjab. At the University of Health Sciences:

  • You will be studying towards qualifications that have recognized Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate degrees in partner Universities abroad.
  • All the affiliated institutions have purpose built building and have mostly foreign qualified faculty.
  • Specialized facilities with latest technology and modern techniques of education and training are being used.
  • Worldwide-recognized edges and disciplines are offered at much lower cost of study compared to similar study in Europe and USA.
  • Friendly atmosphere is available for you in academic and social life.
  • Degree awarded will be recognized by the HEC, PMDC & PEC.


UHS is research – intensive. Its ethos from its beginning has been to produce highly relevant research that solves real health problems and improve people’s quality of life.

At present extensive on-campus research is going on in 183 different areas including Asthma, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Infertility, Environmental Pollution, Various types of Cancer, Genetic Disorders, Consanguinity, DNA Analysis, Developmental Abnormalities, Metabolic Syndromes, Hepatitis B, Liver and Renal Disorders.

A high-tech Resource Lab and an Experimental Research Lab (Animal House) have been established for research purposes.

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