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During the last two decades, there have been enormous changes in the global trend of business and industry. Accordingly a need was felt to reframe our system of education with a view to switching from aimless education to modern purposeful and job-oriented education in order to overcome the challenges of the 21st century.

Keeping in view the limitation of the public sector, it was required from the private sector to share the burden of education with the Government. Accordingly, a most courageous and innovative step was initiated by “The Sadiq Memorial Educational Society” for establishing a chain of National Colleges of Computer Science (NCCS) throughout the country for offering Computer Science Program.

Under the dynamic leadership of the members of The Sadiq Memorial Educational Society, initially a mass computer literacy campaign was launched with the aim to promote computer education and its practical usage in Pakistan. The primary mission was to prepare the nation to participate fully in the computer revolution that continues unabated to date.

The Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) program was launched in 1992 and Intermediate with Computer Science (ICS) was introduced in 1994. The year 1995 was yet another milestone as MBA and MCS programs were launched that year.

During a short span of 16 years, more than 100,000 students have graduated from The National Group of Colleges and are holding key posts in various offices and enterprises of national and multinational repute.

National Group of Colleges succeeded (by the grace of God) in the establishment of a chartered degree-awarding higher education institution by the name of Institute of South Asia on Monday, April 14, 2003 vide “The Institute of South Asia, Lahore, Ordinance 2003, Punjab Ordinance No. IV of 2003”.

Institute of South Asia was upgraded to the status of a university on May 29, 2004, with Chief Minister of the Punjab formally inaugurating University of South Asia.

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