CECOS University of Information Technology and Emerging Sciences(NWFP)

Since last 16 years, we are in tune with education in the fields of Information Technology, Computing, Business Studies and Management Sciences. The field of Information Technology has developed so rapidly that today every other field depends on it & therefore, while in CECOS, we have endeavoured that our students get utmost benefit from the modern age IT facilities with best possible environment and make themselves competent enough to face this challenging era.

Here at CECOS University, we are building a community of leaders. It is a learning and networking community, with an impressive mix of both experienced business and IT professional people interested in general management and knowledgeable instructors dedicated to looking at business & IT oriented environment in an integrated way.

If people join our community, expect to change -- to change the way they think... the way they approach problem solving... the way they look at their work environment. It is a transformative educational experience, one that can move them to the next level of success.

Founded on the richness of conversation and the power of collaboration, our vibrant community is sustained through the practice of:

  • Intellectual honesty,
  • Authentic communication,
  • Managerial integrity,
  • Personal responsibility, and
  • Mutual respect and support.

Men and women with diverse functional backgrounds from a variety of industries come together in a safe learning environment to grow professionally and personally. Their exchange with the facility is open and energizing, their interaction with colleagues engaging and dynamic. Together they explore advanced IT & management concepts as well as practical applications. They communicate ideas, share experiences, question assumptions, and examine perspectives. They are inspired to think more strategically and analyze more critically. And at the same time, they contribute to the growth of their peers through discussions and teaming.

Participate in the CU Programs and you will realize an outstanding IT, Business and management education and will also gain a valuable and lasting connection to a growing community of leaders.

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