Dawood College of Engineering & Technology(Sindh)

Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, Karachi is a Federal Degree Awarding Institution. Its administrative control has been vested in the Senate, Syndicate and Academic Council of the College responsible for the governance of the College. The College having met the requirements of Higher Education Commission, has been awarded a degree awarding status by the Government of Pakistan, with effect from 31-10-2007 through an Ordinance No. LXIII of 2007 promulgated by the President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf.

The foundation stone of the college was laid by President of Pakistan (Late) Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan in 1962. The institution was established by Dawood Foundation as Dawood College of Engineering and Technology. The Dawood College houses purpose built two campuses of five acre land each. The institution was established to provide top quality enginerring education to students from every walk of life regardless of thier sex and ethinical background and the institute still thrives on this policy.

The Dawood College houses purpose built two campuses of five acre land each. The main campus of the college is housed in a multi-storeyed building located near Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum. The building comprises of various facilities including class rooms, Laboratories, workshops, drawing halls, studios, students’ cafeteria, auditorium, girls Common room etc. The Department of Architecture and Planning is housed in a separate premises in Block-17 of Gulshan-e-Iqbal , which is named as Iqbal Campus. This premises also includes the Urban Design Graduate Programme, Architecture and Planning under-graduate Programmes, and Karachi Mega-City Institute as well as number of forthcoming post graduate programmes related to building and area conservation, rural studies, and environmental studies.

The college offers degree programmes in the field of Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering and Architecture. The college intends to add new disciplines relating to the cutting edge technologies in the near future.

The Higher Education Commission has allocated Rs. 197.87 million for the strengthening of academic infrastructure of the college. The library has been completely renovated with new furniture, fixtures, books, latest encyclopedia/ ASTM /ASM Hand Books through this Project. The state of the art equipment has also been added in the laboratories of all the Engineering and Architecture programmes. The down link via satellite communication has been installed with the help of HEC in main campus as well as Iqbal Campus.

Since the DCET is located in the largest Industrial City of Pakistan, various Engineering departments are directly involved in providing solutions/ consultation to local industries. This interaction with the industry provides an opportunity to the students for internship/ practical training on the industrial plants in the relevant fields.

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