Gomal University(NWFP)

University focuses on academic excellence and internationally recognized status in Scientific research.

Simultaneously it aims at providing a teaching environment in which students may develop intellectually and cultivating among then confidence, pride and leadership in their own cultural value system.

To develop sound and strong knowledge base in all the disciplines in vogue in the University by strengthening teaching and learning.

To develop critical and analytical mind among faculty and students in order to evolve and develop science culture.

To promote scientific research in both the streams of physical and social sciences.

To build image of the university as International by recognized world class University.

To achieve and develop linkages and collaboration with other Universities in the country and abroad., for joint research pojects and teachers exchange programs.

To utilize the existing facilities of science and information technology for promotion of scientific research and to harness these for quality education.

To develop the confidence and pride, among students in our Islamic cultural value system.

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