KASB (Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari) Institute of Technology(Sindh)


KASBIT Private Limited which is the parent body of KASBIT, was established in September 1999, through Registration with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan. It is the first Private Sector Institute of Higher Education which is registered as a Corporate body. Since its inception the institute has achieved many a mile-stones advocating standard, excellence and quality recognition.

The institute was given ISO-9001 Certification in January - 2002, in recognition of its high quality control system. By this virtue the institute became the first ISO-9001 Certified Degree Awarding Institute in the private sector in Pakistan. Since its inception, the management of the institute is highly conscious of attaining high standard and recognition amongst its peers through performance based achievements. With this in view the institute had applied for Charter in the year 2001 which was granted by the Government of Sindh vide Ordinance No. XXII of 2001.

In the previous years the institute has grown to became a serious contributor towards the education of young scholars in the field of Computer Sciences and Management Sciences.

We live in a high speed era of continuous changes which entails upon us to reform and adjust along with the needs and demands of time and society. Education is no exception. We envisage the rapid rate of industrialization in the coming decade hence we feel our responsibility as education providers to accept the challenge by providing human resource to satisfy the future demands.

Through a dedicated team of professionals in their respective fields and latest technology employed for teaching in imparting of knowledge. KASBIT is determined to provide competency based quality education to our students, to inculcate in them the ability to utilize their maximum potential so that they can assume leadership roles in their future professions and successfully meet the challenges of the new era of computer and technology.

KASBIT became member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The US based AACSB ensures quality and continuous improvement in collegiate management education. AACSB International produces a wide assortment of knowledge service publications and special reports on trends and issues within management education. It also plans to conduct extensive array of professional development programs for the students and professionals. The membership ascertains the current standing of the Institute.

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