Sukkur Institute of Business Administration(Sindh)


Center of Excellence in Business Administration & Information Technology .


Sukkur IBA’s goals and objectives are to provide quality education through modern teaching style, market-oriented curriculum on affordable cost. Our purpose is to develop strength in faculty, assist business organizations by consultancy and creating research and congenial environment, fulfilling our commitment to community in building national character and economic development.Sukkur IBA is not only producing employable graduates who are accepted in the market like hot-cake but it is also promoting knowledge based economic development of this region.

Sukkur IBA – History
The Sukkur Institute of Business Administration is a public sector degree awarding Institute approved by Higher Education Commission and chartered by the Government of Sindh.
In 1994, the Sukkur Institute of Business Administration was established for business education, initially in the hired building of Public School, Sukkur.
The Senate is the governing body of the Institute. Governor of Sindh is the chancellor. Initially, Sukkur IBA was affiliated to IBA Karachi.

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