Hitotsubashi university

Outline of the University

Hitotsubashi University is a national educational institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It is the only university in Japan to specialize exclusively in the humanities and social sciences.

The university was originally established in 1875 as a private entity called the Institute for Business Training (Shoho Koshujo). It educated the businessmen who went on to become the driving force behind the modernization of Japanese society following the collapse of the feudal Tokugawa Shogunate. Ever since, Hitotsubashi has been at the forefront of Japan's economic and social progress. It has become the country's premier institution for education and research in the social sciences but has always maintained its emphasis on practical learning.

The academic organization of the university consists of four undergraduate faculties: Commerce and Management, Economics, Law, and Social Sciences. There are graduate schools in the same four fields, plus two additional programs: International Corporate Strategy and Language and Society. The University also has an Institute of Economic Research and an Institute of Innovation Research. Currently, Hitotsubashi has a teaching staff of about 670, with approximately 4,400 students enrolled in undergraduate courses and 2,000 in Graduate courses. There are some 580 international students, along with about 450 researchers from abroad whom we welcome each year around the world.

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