Kagoshima University

Kagoshima University is located in the city of Kagoshima, the gateway to Japan's islands. The region has a long history of pioneering and maintaining cross-cultural ties with people from overseas, and is the birthplace of many of the leaders of Japan's modernization. The area is blessed with a bountiful natural environment, framed by oceans and islands, and is home to an arrayof local tradition and cultures that must be preserved for future generations. The university maintains academic freedom and diversity with a deep awareness of being at the threshold of a new epoch in which there is hope that all people in the world can live in prosperity. The university aims to be an integrated academic institution, cooperative in nature and striving to pursue a spirit of study based on truth, virtue, and encouragement, while cultivating independence and freedom.
Besides its contribution to academic progress, the university is committed to the promotion of a fair society in which human rights are respected, international understanding is fostered, and in which there is concern for the maintenance of world peace and the protection of the natural environment. To these ends the university recognizes the need to cultivate human resources ethically and responsibly, to take up the challenge of solving the difficulties that face us all, and to make contact with and provide support for the community with a firm view to globalization.


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