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As the president of one of the oldest and leading universities in Japan, let me extend to you a warm welcome. Kobe University has been pursuing academic endeavor in the exploration and practice of novel theories under the spirit of integrity, freedom, and cooperation ever since the foundation over a century ago.

We have always been committed to the creation of knowledge in a broad range of fields from Humanities, Social Science, Natural Sciences to Bio-Medical Sciences. The intellectual curiosity and the inquiring mind of each faculty member have continually advanced the level of researches since the foundation. In the area of education, faculty and administrative staff members united their efforts to collaborate on ways to prepare a better learning environment from the students' viewpoint.

In the course of our quest for academic excellence, many of our research areas have gained considerable recognition worldwide as the "core research areas" of Kobe University, and the number is increasing on an ongoing basis. Most of them are on the path of becoming a "center of excellence".

Kobe University is known as a cosmopolitan university both at home and abroad for its frequent academic and research exchanges with overseas universities and research institution, and for hosting over 1,000 foreign students from 70+ countries and regions. Many of our international alumni are active in a vast array of fields in Japan and in their own countries.

We extend an invitation to all students, researchers, public and private sectors, as well as to all persons and organizations interested in studying at or collaborating with Kobe University.

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