Kumamoto University

Welcome to Kumamoto University (KU), located in Kumamoto city in the heart of Kyushu Island, Japan. Beautiful Kumamoto is characterized by “RGB”, the three primary colors of light. R (Red) means active volcano, Mt Aso, and very warm (burning)-hearted people. G (Green) means very rich environment with a lot of green. B (Blue) means water. Kumamoto has the highest quality underground water, which is served as drinking water for people live in Kumamoto. In Kumamoto, therefore, visitors/international students can take an enjoyable time and very high quality and pleasant life, I believe. KU is one of the universities of the longest history in Japan, and now has seven Faculties, seven Graduate Schools and thirteen Research Centers/Institutes, supporting a wide spectrum of educational and research activities.

Currently, the university has more than 8,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students, including 320 international students from 39 countries. For over 100 years our university has been at the forefront of culture, advancing science and technology, and contributing to the development of the Japanese educational system.

Presently, KU is going to be more internationalized through international student exchange programs (as of the end of 2008, 82 institutes from 23 countries are our partner organizations), world-collaboration research programs with world-leading researchers at the Global Centers of Excellence (G-COE: currently three projects are going on), and other international activities. The short-term international students exchange programs (Summer Program) are conducted at both KU and the partner universities such as University of Alberta, Canada and Shanghai Normal University, China. “Kumamoto University Forum“ has also been held not only inside but also outside of Japan (e.g., Shanghai, China in 2005, Daejeon, Korea in 2006, Surabaya, Indonesia in 2008). Through these activities, KU has been contributing to the local communities and global society.

KU established four fundamental policies, Kumamoto University for you (KU4U), which have been continuously pursued:
  1. Upgrade: To educate the students to be future professionals for making active contributions at a global caliber in the rapidly changing world.
  2. Unique: To research our own world-leading topics in the most advanced fields to open the innovative and well-being society.
  3. Union: To collaborate with the local and global societies and to contribute back for the promising future by the promotion of education, culture, industry, medical practices and so on.
  4. Universal: To develop the global academic networks and more internationalization by increasing the numbers of international students and international academic exchange programs etc.

In order to keep these promises, let us do our best to cultivate an open mind with a broad view, a creative imagination, the ability to solve problems, and the aptitude to communicate internationally to appear many competent professionals and leaders for the future society from our university.

I hope this book helps you to learn about Kumamoto University and what is going on at the University.

President of Kumamoto University


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