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It has been four years since Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka Women's University and Osaka Prefecture College of Nursing integrated into one university, incorporated and reemerged as the Osaka Prefecture University, a Public University Corporation.

The new university comprises seven schools, each with its own graduate school: Engineering, Life and Environmental Sciences, Science, Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Nursing, and Comprehensive Rehabilitation. Among the seven graduate schools, only the School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation does not currently offer a doctoral degree, but we will start the degree program in April 2009. We are among a select group of public universities to offer this many undergraduate and graduate schools.Our fully-fledged university has established the highest standard in both research and education. With approximately 6,500 undergraduates and 1,500 graduate students, our school boasts an enrollment of over 8,000 students, all actively participating in academics, research and extracurricular activities. Our 750 faculty members provide a noteworthy educational and research environment with a 10.7 to 1 student/ faculty ratio, which is relatively higher than the other public universities.

At the time of incorporation, we drew up our first medium-term goals and planning document, which covered the time period from the Fiscal Years 2005 to 2010 and laid out 211 action items. It also established numerous quantitative objectives. The most notable goals and results follow:

We had announced increasing outside research funding by 30% over pre-incorporation figures by 2010.This anticipated goal was achieved very quickly as we obtained increased funding by 30.9% in 2005 alone. Funding grew again beyond pre-incorporation figures by 80.6% in 2006, and 63.7% in 2007.In addition, 143 new projects were selected for grant-in-aid scientific research.There were 340 joint research and contract research projects, and 156 patent filings. Among the 756 universities in Japan, these numbers place our university at the rank of 25th, 17th and 14th in each perspective category.Among the 76 public universities, we rank number one in all three categories.This is a strong indicator that the integration project and incorporation have led to great developments for Osaka Prefecture University.

We have two spacious campuses, the 50 hectare Nakamozu Campus and the 6 hectare Habikino Campus, both of which are situated in a beautiful natural environment. We take pride in our “green,” which we see as one of our greatest treasures. To conserve our environmental assets, we have set the goal of making our campus a biotope, thereby harmonizing nature and human activity. As a part of these efforts, we are setting up a “Web Botanical Garden”, which will introduce the campus's seasonal plants, birds, and insects. We have decided to give nicknames to campus main streets as shown in the Campus Map. We have solicited these from students and faculty, receiving 310 suggestions.

In Nakamozu campus, we are now moving forward with large-scale renovations underway. In February 2005, the “Chemical and Material Science Building” was completed. The “Educatio Building”, as a symbol of the three universities' integration, was followed in April 2008 completion of. In February 2009, we have opened the “Veterinary Science Building” in the Rinku Campus along with the “Advanced Bioscience Building” and “Science Building” in the Nakamozu Campus.
As I have mentioned above, we have passed the middle of the 2005-2010 time frame whereby our plans have been successfully reached. We are envisioning the university for the next planning stage period. We hope to come up with a vision for a better university through the opinions of faculty and other stakeholders.

We would like to thank our faculty members, staff, and students, as well as prospective students, for taking the time to view this web page. We hope it has contributed to your understanding of Osaka Prefecture University.In keeping with our tradition as a forward looking University, we honor any of your questions, suggestions or comments.

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