Tokushima University

The University of Tokushima aims to enhance mankind's culture and welfare by training human resources and promoting academic studies, by striving for the pursuit of truth and the advancement of knowledge in a spirit of independence, and to pass along to others our outstanding scientific, technological and cultural traditions. Our University is open to the whole world, and we are doing our best to create a rich and peaceful society for the future.

Our University's mission is as follows:

1. Education: To encourage the enterprising talent of students by respecting their individuality, developing their sense of humanity, and providing them with outstanding professional knowledge and skills in their chosen fields.

2. Research: To advance academic research through innovative joint efforts from researchers in various fields, regardless of their academic disciplines. The University aims to foster, refine, and disseminate research and original work of the highest international standard.

3. Social Contribution: To play an active role in building a peaceful and cultured society by being the center of an intellectual network, a network connected to both the local and international communities.

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