Universiti Putra Malaysia

The inspirational motto, 'With Knowledge We Serve', reflects the full commitment of the University to contribute towards the discovery of knowledge and the exploration of human endeavor as well as the creation of wealth and nation building.

From its humble beginnings in 1971, UPM has continued to develop and has become one of the distinguished universities in the region. Commencing as an agricultural-based university, UPM has expanded its frontiers in various disciplines such as engineering, medical sciences, pure sciences, economics, management, education, languages, communication and other fields. These fields have synergized and complemented the university's focal area, namely, agro-bio, which encompasses related areas of agriculture and science. Indeed, the field of tropical agriculture has gained the most prominence. Today, the university has gained international reputation among international students and scholars from fifty nine different nations and has become an acclaimed international institution of higher learning in the region.

Today, we are faced with complex challenges and only those who persevere will survive. In order to face these challenges, the generation of knowledge and life-long learning is crucial and need to be reinforced.

UPM, through its expertise, is willing to assist you in equipping yourselves to withstand these challenges. This website is aimed to assist you to get to know the university, explore the available opportunities to develop your potentials, and with the support of UPM’s present pool of expertise, to realize your dreams!

Let us move ahead together!

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