Yamaguchi University

With the elegance of the Ouchi-clan's predilection for the medieval court culture and the history over three-hundred years of the Mori-clan's heritage of virile simplicity and plainness, Yamaguchi stands unique and distinct among the regions of Japan. Producing talents with indefatigable human strength for challenges like Yoshida Sho'in on the eve of Japan's modernization in the mid-19th century, Yamaguchi continues to foster individuals who excel in all walks of life.

More recently, Yamaguchi was the birthplace of the Choshu Five who in 1860 (late Edo Period), under the orders of the Provincial Government, sailed to England to study at the University of London. Upon returning to Japan, the five pioneers made phenomenal contributions to the modernization of Japan-Hirofumi Ito became the first Prime Minister of Japan; Kaoru Inoue, the first Minister of Foreign Affairs; Masaru Inoue launched the construction of railway systems in Japan; Kinsuke Endo developed the management of the Japan Mint Bureau; and Yozo Yamao revolutionized Japanese industry and modernized engineering education.

More than one hundred years have passed since the current Faculty of Economics was established as the Yamaguchi Higher School of Commerce in 1905 (38th year of Meiji). Yamaguchi University now boasts seven faculties and nine graduate schools, making itself the leading university of the region.

With "Discover it. Nourish it. Realize it: A Place of Wisdom" as its motto, Yamaguchi University aims to be a university where each and every individual develops by working together with all members of the University to promote mutual growth and produce human resources with indefatigable human strength.

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