Osaka City University

As President of OCU, I am proud of the vibrant atmosphere of our campus. OCU has about 9,000 students and 2,000 staff members, who study and work with enthusiasm under the university's motto "Creativity, Friendliness and Flexibility." It is OCU's aim to meet the needs of society and to continue as an urban-oriented institution that strives to study possible solutions to the contemporary challenges facing urban areas, as well as ways to enable the sound development of cities.

In order to create an optimal educational environment befitting the 21st century, we have been working over recent years to renew our academic and sporting facilities. The Media Center and the Basic Experimental Education Building are both highly sophisticated facilities that are unique in Japan. Innovative efforts have also been made to reform the educational system, such as the participation of graduate students as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses and the introduction of course evaluation by students. These measures should help make classes more interesting.

OCU is also reinforcing its graduate school system to nurture specialists with advanced knowledge, notably by establishing the Graduate School for Creative Cities and the OCU Law School. We hope to further enhance opportunities for creative education and research at OCU, based on our internationally recognized academic quality and outstanding human resources.

Faculty and students work together very closely at OCU, faithful to its tradition of practicing a pragmatic and down-to-earth approach. Free discussion is the engine for the creation of new ideas. I would like to invite all of you, aspiring students and researchers from all over the world, to come and participate in the liberal and forward-looking spirit of OCU. Studies and experiences in various fields will enable you to rediscover yourself. OCU looks forward to welcoming and educating people who can think independently, act responsibly, and react to the unknown with flexibility and ingenuity.


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